Printing Services

At Postscript we offer a range of printing services! We have a colour copier that we can print A4 and A3 in black and white or colour. We also have a large format printer that goes from A2 to A0 in black and white.

Our copier is also a brilliant scanner and can scan anything from basic documents to artwork.


Copier prices - Black and White

Information coming soon...

Copier prices - Colour

Information coming soon... 

Large Format Printing

A2 - £1.25
A1 - £1.60
A0 - 


Our service charges cover any design work that needs to be carried out, or any print jobs that require a large amount of time to complete such as; resizing images, organising and stapling. The charge will be discussed before printing, all call us for a quote.


We can also scan any documents and artwork. We can scan in full colour all the way upto 600dpi. The scanner can also save into various formats to suit your needs (JPG, PDF, TIFF etc).
The charge for this is £2.95
. Please bring a USB stick with you to put your file onto. If you need us to email the file this will cost £1.00.  


What format does the file need to be in?
We can print from most file formats, but we prefer them to to be in PDF format as this retains any font and layout information. 

Can I scan a document in and you sent it to another person/company on my behalf?
We certainly can! We will write an email to the person/compnay explaining who we are and include your contact details and why you are sending the file.

Can I bring my own paper along to use with the copier?
Yes you can! Any paper you bring with you needs to be copier safe. If you are bringing any paper with you please bring the original packaging so we can make sure! We can from 60gsm to 250gsm. Results will vary depending on what medium you are printing on. We also have a large selection of paper in store that can go through our copier ranging from different weights of white paper, coloured paper and kraft paper.


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